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Goochland Drama, Speech & Debate

Mr. Burch's Blog - Goochland Drama, Speech & Debate

Agenda for Day One – 1/7/15

Public Speaking – (D1B1)

  1. Journal: Student
  2. Check Homework/Review Vocab Terms
  3. Finish Intro to Interp Keynote
  4. Review VHSL Rules for Each Event
  5. Discuss Competition Attire

 Homework: Select Three Events You are Most Interested In Performing

Theatre Arts III/IV (D1B3)

  1. Journal/Class News
  2. Sign-Up for Journals
  3. Homework Check: Review and Discuss Ch. 1
  4. Warm-Up
  5. Principle #5 – Character
  6. Directing Styles

Homework: None

Debate (D1B4)

  1. Journal – Student Run
  2. Check Homework
  3. Review Debate Terms
  4. Classwork: Review Stock Issues – Have Students Write 5 Stock Issues for their Fun Debate Topics
  5. Group Work: Students will be put in groups of 4. Students will then share their “Fun Debate Topic” to their group members.
  6. Group Members will then select/vote on what they think is the best topic. This topic will be there fun debate topic for the next two weeks.

Homework: None