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Snow Day = Updated Rehearsal Schedule

Cast and Crew of Into the Woods:

Due to today’s snow day, I tweaked the schedule in order to makeup for missed rehearsal time.

Schedule (As of 1/27/15)

Please take note to any changes in the schedule. In the meantime, enjoy the following rehearsal pictures! Stay warm!

Into the Woods Cast and Crew List


I would like to start off this blog post with this statement: Casting a show is never an easy task. It is even harder when you are drawing from a pool of 72 talented performers. The following cast and crew list was a collective decision made by the judging panel.

I would like to thank all of the students who auditioned for the show. I admire all of your hard work and dedication. Whatever the outcome, just remember you did your best, and that there is a silver lining in every decision.

The first CAST and CREW meeting will be Monday, January 12th from 3:30 to 6:00 PM in the auditorium. Congratulations!

Cast and Crew List


Mr. Burch


Agenda for Day One – 1/7/15

Public Speaking – (D1B1)

  1. Journal: Student
  2. Check Homework/Review Vocab Terms
  3. Finish Intro to Interp Keynote
  4. Review VHSL Rules for Each Event
  5. Discuss Competition Attire

 Homework: Select Three Events You are Most Interested In Performing

Theatre Arts III/IV (D1B3)

  1. Journal/Class News
  2. Sign-Up for Journals
  3. Homework Check: Review and Discuss Ch. 1
  4. Warm-Up
  5. Principle #5 – Character
  6. Directing Styles

Homework: None

Debate (D1B4)

  1. Journal – Student Run
  2. Check Homework
  3. Review Debate Terms
  4. Classwork: Review Stock Issues – Have Students Write 5 Stock Issues for their Fun Debate Topics
  5. Group Work: Students will be put in groups of 4. Students will then share their “Fun Debate Topic” to their group members.
  6. Group Members will then select/vote on what they think is the best topic. This topic will be there fun debate topic for the next two weeks.

Homework: None

Callback List for Into the Woods

Thank you to all who auditioned for Into the Woods. Over 70 students auditioned for this show!

If you have or have not received a callback, it does not mean you have or have not been casted in the show. 

Callbacks will be tomorrow in Mr. Burch’s room from 3:30 to 5:00 PM.

The official cast list will be posted by Friday morning.


Agenda for Day 2 (1/06/2015)

Theatre Arts I (D2B1)


  1. Review Classroom Rules and Expectations/Classroom News

  2. Journal Sign-Ups

  3. Warm-Up

4. Introduction to Dialects/Accents

  1. American Accents: Boston, New York, Chicago, and Southern Dialects

Homework: Select one American accent or dialect that we learned today in class, and then practice it for a mini-performance/presentation.

Theatre Arts I/II (D2B2)


  1. Review Rules and Expectations

  2. Journal Sign-Ups

  3. Warm-Ups

  4. TA I: American Accents and TA II: Review American Accents

Homework: TAI: Select one American accent or dialect that we learned today in class, and then practice it for a mini-performance/presentation.

TA II: Find a 30 section of dialogue that features your preferred American accents

Drama 7 (D2B4)


  1. Intro to Burch
  2. Pass Out Syllabus and Contract
  3. Teach Physical Warm-Up
  4. Warm-Up
    1. Cover the Space
    2. Wosh Boing!
    3. What’s in the box?
    4. Intro to Theatre Games
Homework: Get class contract signed by a parent.


Agenda for Day One – 1/05/15

Public Speaking (D1B1)


  1. Review Classroom Expectations
  2. Journal Topic
  3. Sign Up for Journal Topics
  4. Introduction to Interpretive Events
  5.  Vocabulary Words: MP3 #1 (Quiz on 1/20)

 Homework: Define Terms

Vocabulary Words: Prose, Pace, Subtext, Voice, Pitch, Monotone, Inflections, Stance, Personal Business, Character Blending, Exaggerated Character, Incongruity, Physical Expression, and Visualization

Theatre Arts III/IV (D1B3)


  1. Review Classroom Rules and Procedures
  2.  Journal Topic – Into the Woods Set – How does story influence the details in design?
  3. Assign Journal Topics
  4. Warm-Up
  5. Games – Review Principles 1-4
  6. Introduce Principle #5 – Character

Homework: Read Chapter 1 – William Ball’s A Sense of Direction

Debate (D1B4)


  1. Review Classroom Rules and Procedures
  2. Journal Topic
  3. Sign Up for Journal Topics
  4. A Fun Review of Stock Issues
  5. Go Over Affirmative Case Construction
  6. Vocab Terms (Vocab Quiz on January 20th)

HOMEWORK: Create a “fun” debate topic and Define Terms

Vocab Words: Advantages, Advocate, Analysis, Circumvent, Contentions, Equitable, Famer’s intent, Mechanism , Modify , Plan, Plan Spikes , Rationale, Repair, Stock Issues, Tabula Rasa, Uniqueness