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Christmas Night Live! Order

Students, please pay attention to the sketch order for tomorrow’s performance. Due to last week’s inclement weather, we were unable to practice sketches back-to-back. So it is VERY important for you to know when your group performs:

  1. Mr. Burch’s Introduction

  2. Holiday Duets

  3. Music – Live Band

  4. Hosts Intro

  5. Granny’s Christmas Gifts

  6. Music – Live Band

  7. Hosts

  8. The Today Show: Christmas Edition

  9. Music – Baby It’s Cold Outside

  10. Hosts

  11. Christmas Workshop

  12. A Not So Elf Musical

  13. Music – Live Band

  14. Hosts

  15. Kardashian Kristmas

  16. Music – Chloe E.

  17. Oprah’s Favorite Things!

  18. Good Bye – Live Band/Full Cast on Stage

Christmas Night Live – Tech Plot