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Beauty and the Beast News

There are only 23 rehearsals left until opening night. Please continue to listen to your music, read over lines and review choreography and blocking.

News Updates:

  • Tomorrow we will be taking head shots during rehearsal. Please wear either a black or dark blue top. The backdrop for photos will be white, so please do not wear bright colors.
  • To makeup rehearsal time from today’s snow day, we will extend Wednesday’s rehearsal to 7 PM. If you are unable to attend rehearsal till 7, please let Mr. Burch know at your earliest convenience. Snacks will be provided at rehearsal.
  • Please visit the Beauty and the Beast Cast Page to review an updated schedule and costume packet. Inside the costume packet you will see what you costume items you will need to provide, costume changes by scenes and a character breakdown chart. It is HIGHLY important that you review this document because some students’ will be playing a different item than from the original plan.
  • Click Here to see this week’s rehearsal agenda.

Thank you! I hope you all had a fun snow day.


Mr. Burch

Beauty and the Beast Schedule, UPDATED

Due to last weeks inclement weather, I reorganized the rehearsal schedule to make up lost time. You can find the updated schedule on the “Beauty and the Beast Cast Page” on this blog. PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF CHANGES!

This Week’s Schedule:


Full Cast: Act I, Scene 7 and Act II, 4 & 6.


Choir Room: Full Cast


Dancing for Be Our Guest and Gaston


All soloists.


Review Act I, scenes 1-3.

Mr. Burch’s Exam Schedule

Mr. Burch’s MP3 Finals Schedule:

(  ) Indicate MP3 Test Format

Wednesday (3/13): Theatre Arts I (Scene Performance)

Thursday (3/14): Theatre Arts II/III (Essay) and Forensics (Test)

Monday (3/18): Debate (Debate Performance)

Tuesday (3/19): Technical Theatre (Essay Question)

  • Tech Theatre will take exam at an earlier date due to the Theatre Arts Field trip.