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Comedy Holiday Show!

The holiday season can be a stressful time for many due to hectic shopping crowds, atrocious traffic jams and pesky aunts and uncles visiting from out of state. Amongst all the chaos, I always made sure to take time out of my day to laugh throughout the month of December.

I must admit that I am a “Holiday programming fanatic!” December would not be the same without hearing the voices of George Bailey, Clark Griswold or Charlie Brown. However, my favorite program has always been the holiday edition of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Every year the program reminds me how ridiculous our “holiday” problems can be.

Wanting to share my enthusiasm of sketch comedy with my students, I decided to produce the first ever Goochland Drama, Christmas Night Live. Starting just three weeks ago, students in my Theatre Arts II/III class began learning about the structure of sketch comedy. From that day forward, in groups students created their own sketches that centered around a Holiday theme.

Show information:

When: December 14th from 3:45 to 4:45

Where: Mr. Burch’s Classroom

Who: Theatre Arts II/III Students and the GHS Improv Troupe

Instead of sipping on egg nog or fighting the long lines at Macy’s, come spend an hour at Goochland’s first ever, Christmas Night Live.