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Mr. Burch's Blog - Goochland Drama, Speech & Debate

Agenda for 8.31

Debate (D2B1)

  1.  Journal/News
  2.  Review HW Reading
  3. Ethics Activity
  4. Practice Public Forum Debate

Theatre Arts I (D2B2)

  1. Journal/News
  2. Check HW
  3. Pantomime Performances
  4. Improv Games

 Drama 8

  1. Journal/News
  2. Check HW
  3. Communication Keynote
  4. Work on Speeches

Agenda for 8.30

Technical Theatre (D1B1)

  1. Journals/News
  2. Check Homework (Rough Draft for Tech Jobs Paper)
  3. Work on Technical Theatre Paper (I will answer any questions at this time)
  4. GHS Auditorium Tour/Scavenger Hunt

Homework: Finish Technical Theatre Paper (DUE: Sept. 6th)


Theatre Arts II/III (D1B2)

  1. Journals/News
  2. Audition for One-Act Plays
  3. Greek Theatre Worksheet
  4. Go Over Greek Theatre Worksheet Answers


Forensics: Public Speaking (D1B4)

  1. Journals/News
  2. Ethics Keynote
  3. Cha Cha Cha Method for Dramatic Interp.
  4. Practice Interp Selections

Lesson Plans for 8.28.2012

Technical Theatre:

  1. Journal/Class News

  2. Technical Theatre Jobs Keynote

  3. Tour the GHS Auditorium

  4. Start Tech Theatre Interests Page

Homework: Technical Theatre Job Paper, due Thursday. 

Theatre Arts II/III:

  1. Journal/Class News

  2. History of the Dawn of Theatre Keynote

  3. One-Act Audition Prep

  4. Theatre Games

Homework: Prepare for One-Act Play Auditions


  1. Journal/Class News

  2. Continue Lecture on IE

  3. Reader’s Theatre Selection

  4. How to Write an Intro for Interp

Homework: Practice Reader’s Theatre Selection

Welcome Back!

Students, Parents and Community Members,

I hope you all had a wonderful summer, and I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Auditions for the fall play, Dracula: A Melodrama, will be:

Monday, August 27th @ 3:30 PM in the GHS Auditorium. Students do not have to prepare a monologue.