Classroom Visit

This afternoon I walked to Mrs. Alford’s AP Biology class and I am so glad I did.  This class was up to the usual, taking a quiz at first, but then came the discussions.  Tied to a lab that was completed, Mrs. Alford reviewed the results which started the critical thinking from the students.

The students asked real-world questions pertaining to what could have just been a bag in a beaker.  I was lucky enough to become a participant of the discussion and questioning.  This was a wonderful opportunity to observe students utilizing their prior knowledge and real-world experiences to explain the results of the lab.

I have to admit that this class reinvigorated my love of teaching.  It also showed that our focus on critical thinking skills and STEM is taking hold within the classrooms at Goochland High School.

Now to get more lab materials for these students to learn through tactile instruction…

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