SOL Review + A Beautiful Day

SOL Review + A Beautiful Day

= practicing our 5th grade science mind dumps on the blacktop outside! :)

Be sure you’re practicing your mind dumps for science each evening to help prepare for next Tuesday!

-Mrs. Hatcher :)

Please Mark Your Calendar

Please Mark Your Calendar

SOL Testing Dates:

Tuesday, May 5: Reading SOL

Monday, May 11: Math SOL Part 1

Tuesday, May 12: Math SOL Part 2

Tuesday, May 19: Science SOL

It’s tradition in our class to have a breakfast before the test (granola bar, fruit, or muffin/bagel with water or juice.) Please sign up at this link to donate to our class:

The students will surely appreciate it! :)

Thanks, Mrs. Hatcher :)

Ocean WebQuest

Ocean WebQuest

Ocean WebQuest Task Sheet


  1. The size of a wave depends on___________________________________________________________.
  2. Waves travel ____________ water, they do not take __________________ with them.

  1. Tsunamis are sometimes called tidal waves, and are different from surface waves: they are usually caused by ____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________.

  1. What do you call the circular patterns in which the world’s oceans travel? _____________
  2. What body of water can these patterns be compared to?____________________________
  3. What else causes currents to flow? ___________________________
  4. Do all currents have the same characteristics? ___________
  5. What makes them different?

  1. Describe the Gulf Stream by its characteristics.
  2. Besides cold water what does the Humboldt current normally bring to the surface?

  1. For what are currents responsible? ________________________________________________________
  2. Major ocean currents maintain their paths like___________________________.

  1. Give a definition of tides and explain what causes them.______________________________________________________________

Use your notes and text to find answers to fill in the blanks:

  1. Tides are created because the Earth and the moon are _____________ _____ __________ _________, just like __________ are attracted to each other. The moon tries to pull at anything on the ______ to bring it __________. But, the Earth is able to hold onto everything ____________ _ _________. Since the water is always moving, the Earth cannot _____ onto it, and the moon is able to ______ at it.
  2. The side of the Earth that is facing the moon is where it is _________ tide. That is where the moon is ___________ at the water. Since the Earth is _________, the area that the moon is pulling at changes. That is why the tides _________. If you are at the beach, and the moon is pulling on the ocean there, it will be ________ tide. If the moon is pulling at the ocean somewhere else, then it will be _____ tide at the beach where you are.
  3. How do we know that the water nearest to the moon forms a bulge? __________________________________________________________________

  1. What is the average depth of the ocean?
  2. What is the deepest point and where is it?
  3. What is the highest mountain and where is it?
  4. Around most continents are shallow seas that cover gently sloping areas. What are these areas called?
  5. Where do the continental shelves end?
  6. What is beyond the continental slope?
  7. Describe the abyssal plain in a complete paragraph.
  8. What are the deepest parts of the ocean called?


Finished? Check this out! Dive in!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


13-17: Book Fair Under the Sea! Explore an Ocean of Books!

16: 6:30 PTA Meeting and RES Fine Arts Night

17: Field Day

20-24: Administrative Professionals Week



4-8: Teacher Appreciation Week

6: National Nurses Day

13: Final Collection of Box Tops

21: 6:30 PTA Meeting and Kona Ice Social

22: School Spirit Day! Wear school colors or RES spirit wear!

27: 5th Grade Graduation 8:30 AM

29: Cafeteria and Bus Driver Appreciation and LAST DAY OF SCHOOL (full day)!


5th Grade Graduation: Memory Lane

5th Grade Graduation: Memory Lane


Please see an important message from Mrs. Ferguson regarding photo submissions of your child for the graduation slideshow:

Here is the address and password for parents to post 3 pictures of their child from K-5th grade.
password:  RES5thgrade
All photos will need to be uploaded by May 15th.  Please encourage parents to upload these pictures as opposed to sending them in.  Pictures have been damaged in the past.
Mrs. Hatcher

Active and Engaged Learners in Room 123

Active and Engaged Learners in Room 123

Hello all! Check out our latest pics from Room 123 that include:

*Rock Lab: Students worked in collaborative groups to observe, measure, and discuss how each rock was made (think Rock Cycle). They then created their very own rock books (that serve as study books, as well!).

*Adjective Ultimate Task: Students worked in pairs, where one student used descriptive language to explain the picture  to his/her partner, while the other student used the verbal clues given to draw the picture that was being described. The students did a wonderful job at this task, and will continue to apply this very important skill to their weekly writing prompts! Descriptive writing is key (and makes your stories SO much more exciting!).

*History Project: On one of the first beautiful and sunny days of spring, we decided to take our learning outside! The students worked in groups to create presentations on their iPads (using Explain Everything or iMovie) to describe the characteristics of the 5 Native American Tribes or the Early Explorers. The students were extremely creative, and I really enjoyed watching them bring history to life!


Feel free to ask my students what they are currently creating in math class!

Mrs. Hatcher :)

RES Spring Book Fair is Almost Here!

RES Spring Book Fair is Almost Here!

The RES Spring Book Fair is during the week of April 13-17.

Special Book Fair events include…
  • Monday, April 13: Student Preview Day
    • Classes will visit the Book Fair to make wish lists – and see what teachers would like to have donated to their classrooms!
  • Tuesday, April 14: Volunteer Brunch
    • Book Fair volunteers will receive a special “Thank You” gift!
  • Thursday, April 16: Kindergarten Registration
    • Every family who registers a child to attend Kindergarten at RES on April 16 will receive a FREE copy of Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes!
  • Thursday, April 16: RES Fine Arts Night
    • The Book Fair will be open from 5:30-7 PM.
    • Visit RES to view amazing student artwork displays, attend student performances, and meet our guest artist, David Camden!
  • Friday, April 17: Field Day
    • Final sale day! Take a break from the heat and go shopping! The Book Fair will close at 1 PM - one hour after Field Day ends.
Volunteers are still needed…and appreciated!  If you are able to help, please visit the Book Fair Sign-Up Genius. Thank you for your continued support!

Marking Period 4…. Already?

Marking Period 4…. Already?

Howdy everyone,

I cannot believe we are already in MP 4. This year has flown by, obviously because we’ve been having so much FUN in room 123! Check out what we’re learning:

Math: Students have been learning about algebraic expressions and variables. Ask your child at dinner tonight, “What 3 things are needed to make an algebraic expression?”. I was very impressed with how well they did on this material today. I have made fun games and stations that go along with variables and our algebra unit. Pics to come!

Language Arts: We are focusing on grammar and applying those skills to our writing. The students have started a new prompt this week, and they are really into it (much like last week’s door prompt!). In guided reading this week, I am bringing  in science content (plate tectonics), where we are exploring cause and effect aspects of the boundaries, as well as inferencing. The students will be rotating into stations to reinforce grammar practice, inferencing, and cause and effect. We’ll be using our iPads for a very special project next week! As always, we are enjoying using technology and reading to our first grade book buddies! :)

Science: We are DIVING into oceans in science this week! ! Who doesn’t love the beach? We have learned about the different parts of the ocean floor, and the students are getting excited over a project coming up in the next couple of weeks. There will be a quiz on the ocean floor diagram on Friday (tomorrow).

*It looks as though the SOL study calendar is a success thus far! Keep it up! :)  

*Don’t forget, science fair projects are due on Friday, April 17th! 

Global Explorations: We have wrapped up Early Explorers, and are beginning our unit on the Colonization of America. Be prepared for a ton of fun and innovative projects in the upcoming week (hint, hint).

Keep it hyper (to learn),

Mrs. Hatcher :)