BES Winter Program Information December 11, 2013

The Winter Program entitled “A Wintry Night” will be held on Wednesday evening, December 11th, in the Goochland High School auditorium.  The program will begin at 7:00 pm.  This is a school wide program presented by all students, Pre-School – 5th Grade.  More information will be sent home closer to the performance date. Each grade will play a special role as the play unfolds through the evening.  Below are suggested dress ideas for each grade.



Children should wear white clothing.  White shirts are great.  If you do not have white pants, jeans are fine. Snowflake shapes will be made at school, and added to your child’s outfit at the High School.


Kindergarten – Reindeer

Students may wear brown tops, (sweaters, shirts, jackets, or brown sweatshirts are welcome) and jeans and sneakers.  (Jean-skirts are also welcome)  If there is writing on the sweatshirts…please turn the shirt inside out.  Antlers will be provided.



First Grade – Town Decorators

Students may wear scarves and mittens, and light jackets.  The students may also carry some decorations in their hands.  Please be creative.


Second Grade – City Planners

The students are welcome to wear dress clothing.  Nice dress pants, buttoned down shirts, (ties are welcome) pretty festive dresses, and fancy hats are also welcome.  Please be creative.


Third Grade –  City Workers

The students may wear orange vests and hard hats for the city workers.  Jeans, boots, and work gloves may also be worn.  Please be creative.


Chorus Members - All chorus members will come dressed as children who are on winter break for the holidays.  Mittens, scarves, and boots are welcome.  Light jackets and sweatshirts are great.  No winter coats please as the stage can become very warm while the students perform.


We are looking forward to a wonderful show!  Remember…save the date!


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