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Week of April 27th, 2015

on April 26, 2015

Arbor Day was so much fun.  We all enjoyed meeting students from Goochland and Randolph Elementary Schools. 

**Social Studies – We will begin to study Economics.

**Math – We will continue to work on measurement.  We will learn how to make reasonable estimations such as:  would I measure a school bus in inches, feet, yards or miles.  We will learn to measure the perimeter and area of a given shape.

**Language Arts:  We will continue to work on writing. We will review identifying the Main Idea  and Supporting Details while reading.

**We will continue to work on reading fluently and using comprehension strategies such as finding the main idea, details, prediction, fact and opinion and inference.  We will continue to learn about comparing and contrasting elements of literature.  We will continue to learn about Cause and Effect.  We will begin to learn about Summarizing.

Multiplication Facts Ice cream party

We will continue to work on our Multiplication Facts.  We will have our Multiplication Ice Cream Party on Friday, May 1st.


Weekly Reading Logs:  This week, we will have a new selection to read and fill out each day.  On Day 4, please fill out the back of the sheet.  This is a change.*  Please return the Reading Folder Daily.


Vocabulary Words for the week:

Our words of the week are the same as last week’s words.

Inch              Measure

Length                  Perimeter

Unit               Centimeter

Meter             Kilometer

Foot              Yard

Mile              Area

Capacity           Estimate


SOL TESTING:  On Thursday and Friday of next week, we will have our first SOL Test.  This first test will be the Reading SOL test and it will be split into two parts.  The first part will be given on Thursday, May 7th and the second part will be give on Friday, May 8th.



We will focus this week on preparing for the SOL test by reviewing and taking practice tests.





Weekly Testing:

This week, we will have the following tests and quizzes:

Reading Comprehension


Measurement Quiz

Measurement Test




Important Dates:

May 1st – MAP testing ends

May 7th & 8th – Third Grade Reading SOL test

May 14th & 15th – Third Grade Math SOL test

May 25th – Memorial Day – Student Holiday

May 26th – Field Day

May 27th – Awards Assembly

May 28th – Westview Pool Party

May 29th – Last Day of School

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