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March 16th, 2015

on March 15, 2015

We are supposed to have beautiful, warm weather all week long.  Thank goodness Spring is approaching.  This year March truly came in like a lion and went out like a lamb.

This week:

**Social Studies:  We will continue to learn about Famous Americans and Government.  We will identify contributions from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Thurgood Marshall, Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar Chavez.  We will learn that in a republican form of government, the people vote for or elect a smaller group of citizens that make the rules and laws for everyone.  We will learn about national holidays – Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day.  We will learn the importance of rules, our rights and why government is necessary.

**Math:  We will learn about Data Analysis.  We will collect data, analyze data and construct pictographs, bar graphs and line plots.  We will learn about probability.

**Language Arts:  We will continue to work on writing a paragraph using a good, strong Topic sentence, supporting body sentences and a closing sentence to sum up our paragraph.  We will finish learning about homophones – words that sound alike, but are spelled differently with different meanings.

**We will continue to work on reading fluently and using comprehension strategies such as finding the main idea, details, prediction and inference.  We will continue to learn about comparing and contrasting elements of literature.  We will begin to learn about Facts and Opinions

Multiplication Facts Ice cream party

We are earning our way towards an Ice cream Party!  We will begin with a test on multiplication facts for the 0’s.  Each level earns a piece that will be used in the ice cream party.  For Example:  A 100% on the 0’s earns a spoon, a 100% on the 1’s earns a bowl, a 100%  on the 2’s earns a napkin, and so on, until we reach the 12’s.  I will be keeping track of where everyone is on the chart in the classroom.


Weekly Reading Logs:  This week, we will have a new selection to read and fill out each day.  On Day 4, please fill out the back of the sheet.  This is a change.*  Please return the Reading Folder Daily.


Vocabulary Words for the week:

Data        Bar graph

Line Plot    Pictograph

Probability  Scale

Predict      Outcome

Principle    Liberty

Equality     Pursue


Weekly Testing:

This week, we will have the following tests and quizzes:

***Tuesday – Homophones Quiz

***Tuesday – Famous Americans Quiz

***Tuesday – Students will turn in Writing Prompts for a Quiz

***Wednesday – Data Analysis Quiz

***Wednesday – Reading Comprehension Test

***Thursday – Homophones Test

***Thursday – Foundations of Government Quiz

***Friday – Vocabulary Test

***Friday – Data Analysis Test

***Friday – Spelling Test



Important Dates:

March 17th – PTA Meeting

March 20th – Silent Auction

March 20th – Shalom Farms ½ day field trip

March 23rd – Parent Teacher Conferences

March 25th – Monticello Field Trip

March 30th – MAP testing begins

April 3rd – Spring Treats

April 6th – 10th- Spring Break

April 24th – Father/Daughter Dance

April 24th – Byrd 3rd Grade Hosts Arbor Day for all 3 elementary schools

May 1st – MAP testing ends

May 7th & 8th – Third Grade Reading SOL test

May 14th & 15th – Third Grade Math SOL test

May 25th – Memorial Day – Student Holiday

May 26th – Field Day

May 27th – Awards Assembly

May 28th – Westview Pool Party

May 29th – Last Day of School

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