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We Are All Abuzz About…….

on August 25, 2013


Dear Parents,


I had a great first week of school and I hope that the children did, too.  It’s hard to believe how fast last week flew by. 


What’s New This Week:


·      Shapes – we will continue to learn about shapes, including their names and identifying features, such as how many sides each shape has.  We will also read shape poems and put them in our poetry journals.


·      Names – we will continue to learn to recognize and write our own names, and our neighbor’s names.


·      Colors – we will continue to review color names in both Spanish and English.


·      School Rules – we will continue to learn classroom rules and procedures.


·      Behavior Chart – we will also learn about the rewards and consequences of choosing to follow/not follow the rules.


·      Sight words I and A.


·      We will learn to recognize the American Flag and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.


·      This week we will have homework.


Encore Schedule:


Monday – PE


Tuesday – Media Center


Wednesday – PE


Thursday –  Music


Friday –  Art





Homework Schedule:


Monday – Number Writing and Shape Recognition


Tuesday – Practice writing the letter Tt, color Tt pictures.


Wednesday – Sight Word Wednesday – I and A.


Thursday – Citizenship Worksheet.


Friday – Read poetry journal.  Return poetry journal on Monday.






One Response to “We Are All Abuzz About…….”

  1. Jamond's Mom says:

    I want to use the same methods at home that your are using with sight words and letter of the week. Are you writing each on an index card and placing it on a ring or in a case?