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Week of August 27th

Dear Parents,

We had a great first week of school.  Thank you all for your support.  I am enjoying getting to know your children.

***Water Bottles:  It is really hot out there!  You are welcome to send a water bottle for your child to take outside.  Please be sure to label the water bottle with your child’s name.

***Purple Folders:  The purple folders came in Friday to replace to cheapy ones!  Yaay!

What Will We Be Covering This Week?

We will:

Learn about numbers 0 – 5.

Learn to recognize the letter Tt and its sound.

Practice graphing and patterns.

Learn about butterflies.

Learn the rules of the classroom

Practice recognizing and writing our names

Sight words I and A.

Recognize, draw and sort shapes

Please Remind Your Child To Follow the Classroom Rules:  Listed below are the rules we will be talking about.

  1. Keep your hands to yourself.
  2. Keep your feet to yourself.
  3. If you take it out, put it away.
  4. Respect all people.
  5. Listen to the teacher.

Scholastic Book Club:  I sent the Scholastic Book Order last week, but forgot to include the online activation code.  OOPS!  The code for our class is:  GY6QX. 

Scholastic Book Orders are due to me, either in the folder or online by Friday, August 31st

Fundations:  We are using a phonics/writing system called Fundations.  The Kindergarteners will begin using Fundations this week.  We will be working on proper pencil grip and learning correct letter formation.  We will also send a guide home so you can see how we are teaching the children to write.

Things We Desperately Need:

Printer Paper

Construction Paper

Antibacterial Wipes (we use A LOT of these!)


Monday – Practice writing your name. 

Tuesday – Color Tt pictures, Tt handwriting

Wednesday – Sight Word Wednesday, using the words “I” and “a”.

Thursday – Sorting

Friday – Read your poetry journal.  Don’t forget to send it back in on Monday!

Encore Schedule:

Monday – PE

Tuesday- Guidance

Wednesday – PE

Thursday – Music

Friday – Art

Thank You Parents!  I am looking forward to a great year together.

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Welcome To School!

Hello Parents!  Here we are; the First Day of School is upon us.  Those sweet little Kindergarteners will be walking through those doors for their first day of Kindergarten.  What a milestone! 

Here are a few things that you need to know for the first week of school:

  • Don’t forget to send in a snack each day.
  • Please talk to your child about whether they are buying lunch or packing lunch.  Sometimes they become confused about this during the first week of school.
  • Feel free to send in a water bottle for your child to take on the playground.  If you do send in a water bottle, please label it with your child’s name.
  • If you send in money, please put it in an envelope and label it with your child’s name and my name.

Our encore schedule for the week:

  • Monday – PE
  • Tuesday – Library or Guidance
  • Wednesday – PE
  • Thursday – Music
  • Friday – Guidance

I know that we are going to have a great first week of school.

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