Great things going on next week

First…apologies. I had severe flu like symptons Feb 3-7. Too many absences. Great subs though! And Ms. Scott (asst. principal) made sure subs were contacted and in place. Instruction also continued since my intranet lessons were in place. I’ll grade everything this weekend. MP3 interim grades will be up to date by February 10.
Instruction February 10-14
GAD 1. Students learned how to use a difficult Photoshop tool. The Pen tool. Making shapes and creating a silhouette should have been completed and handed in this week.
Onto, the Harlem Renaissance. Adapting the Pen Tool to create an original work of art.
GAD 2. We went on a mini field trip today. Out in the courtyard is a drain spout. We researched Rube Goldberg then students submitted sketches for a kinectic sculpture that moves (physics) when it rains. Soon each sketch will be visualized using Vue software and animated. I wonder whose design will be chosen to be made by a CTE class or a Goochland artisan?
Game Design (aka CAD 1) Did your son/daughter mention we started using Scratch to make games and design games? Its a free app. Download to your computer and instruction can continue during absences. Assignment was due Thursday to make/remix a Pong game. It’s like ping pong but computer like.
On Monday we will focus on some text tools and create a fun name animation. But first, we’ll use a new way to give input to each student’s Pong game.

Congratulations Game Makers and this week lesson plans

The following Game Design students have had their catcher game placed on the GHS web site! Colton, Kip, Adam, Jake, Landon, Jonathan, Ben, Sydney, Michael, Mason, Lily, Keith, Kamryn, Joshua, and Brittni. You can play their games by clicking here>>>

GAD1 – Learning how to use the 3D tool in photoshop. Then we’ll start learning about the Character Palette within Photoshop.

GAD2 – Scan Buddha drawings, fill with Photoshop gradients after brief discussion of color scheme. We’ll review how to attach human and animal parts to a body structure using Vue. The final assignment is to design a new entity formed from the one of the Four Noble Truths.

Game Design – Review of Catcher game. Then we’ll focus on Pico Board scripting in order to improve Pong game play.

September 24-28, 2012

GAD 1 – Finalize personal identity collage. Students will evaluate their products using the “must haves” assigned last week. The checklist is available on previous post-Important Handouts and Study Guides. Next, we’ll be learning about the powerful Photoshop Blending Modes.

GAD 2 – Finalize Surrealism project. Students will evaluate their products using the checklist introduced at the beginning of the assignment. We’ll also review how to change the horizon line. The Surrealism checklist is available on previous post-Important Handouts and Study Guides.

CAG (Animation) – Day 1 has a test on Monday. Both classes will shoot their Rotoball video and begin rotoscoping each frame using Photoshop.

Lesson Plans – week 3, September 4-7, 2012

GAD 1 – We’ll continue learning Photoshop tools this week. Instead of using the Eraser Tool let’s investigate the Background Eraser Tool and the Magic Eraser Tool.  Students will use the same photographic image to practice these two tools. We’re almost ready to start a creative collage.

Did you print out the study guides and handouts located on previous post here?

GAD2 – Finalize SteamPunk image. Last weeks focus included loading .vob props into Vue then applying SteamPunk type materials to the props. This assignment culminates instruction from the first 1 1/2 weeks of Vue instruction.

We also need to learn how to render a Vue 3d image for submission to the electronic drop box.

Did you print out the study guides and handouts located on previous post here?

CAG – Every student planned a 100 page flip book using a storyboard format. We’re using PostIts to make the flip books. Students were asked to include 2 of the 12 Principles of Animation within their flip book. Also known as a flick book. We also used math to calculate how many seconds a 100 page (frame) would play if calculated using 24 fps (frames per second.) Do you know the answer and how to show your work?

Did you print out the study guides and handouts located on previous post here? We’ve been learning a lot of vocabulary lately.