Congratulations Game Makers and this week lesson plans

The following Game Design students have had their catcher game placed on the GHS web site! Colton, Kip, Adam, Jake, Landon, Jonathan, Ben, Sydney, Michael, Mason, Lily, Keith, Kamryn, Joshua, and Brittni. You can play their games by clicking here>>>

GAD1 – Learning how to use the 3D tool in photoshop. Then we’ll start learning about the Character Palette within Photoshop.

GAD2 – Scan Buddha drawings, fill with Photoshop gradients after brief discussion of color scheme. We’ll review how to attach human and animal parts to a body structure using Vue. The final assignment is to design a new entity formed from the one of the Four Noble Truths.

Game Design – Review of Catcher game. Then we’ll focus on Pico Board scripting in order to improve Pong game play.

Game Design – Next Assignment

The game of pong is familiar to most everyone. It is one of the earliest arcade video games to reach mainstream popularity. Atari originally published the game in 1972.

Students will remix the scripts. This will enable review of scripts that should have been learned in the last 3 weeks. Another goal is to get students to add Pico Board scripts into the game and possibly set up new obstacles suggested in the image below.

December 10-15, 2012

GAD 1 – Learning to scan and save to desktop. Next it’s sign language. Students will be asked to use at least 5 scans combined into a final work of art. The five scans will be five alphabet letters within their first/last name. Student choice. I’m looking for the use of previously instructed Photoshop techniques when grading the final combined scanned work of art.

GAD 2 – Poser works now. Students will learn how to use Poser and more importantly how to import into Vue to create a work of art.

Game Design – First we’ll practice the velocity script which means making sprites fall from top of background in three different ways. Next, students will plan an original falling/catching game by filling in a storyboard. A Scratch template will be provided with an additional handout listing the must haves and must changes.

All students have been provided a study guide for the upcoming midterm exams