April 21-25, 2014

GAD 1 – Reinforcing rule of thirds cropping of digital camera images and visualizing a song. Let’s make a CD cover.

GAD 2 – Finalize reflection within independent study artist project started before spring break.Then we’ll look at reflections within the school building as well as city reflection paintings by Charles Sheeler and Richard Estes.  


Game Design class – Assignment: Learn to animate within Scratch using provided .gif file. Then apply a few new scripts. We will then move into how to script simple physics concepts.

After Spring Break, April 21-25

GAD 1 – 21 Eyes were due Friday before spring break. This week. Visualize song. Your goal is  to create a visual for a new CD. We’ll be using Paulo Nuttini’s New Shoes.

***Is the song REALLY about shoes?

GAD 2 – Reflection, independent study idea, and researched reflection artist. Put it all together for a final work of art.

Game Design – We learned that making a Maze game using Scratch isn’t as easy as making it in Stagecast Creator. Let’s move on. This week. Review of basic Scratch scripts. Adapting previously learned scripts to recreate physics, changing appearances so sprite has animated actions,  and adding a few new ideas for villain sprite scripts.

March 24-28, 2014

Students/Staff cannot use the www this week since SOL testing has begun. We are saving bandwith as well as sending positive thoughts to all bulldogs taking tests this week.

So, no links in this blog :-(

Not to worry…all Bachmann intranet links have been changed until SOL testing is done this week.

Great weather means GAD 1 goes into the courtyard to learn how to use digital cameras in the GHS courtyard. Natural lighting is best for taking selfies. Then you will use Photoshop to create many layers using textures from the F176 shared folder, include the layer palettes options: opacity and blending modes.

GAD 2 – Lets talk still life. Your cupcakes from last week are still lifes. Let’s build a still life using 3D Vue first. Cezanne is a great still life artist but let’s also look at Flack and Fish for inspiration.

CAD (game design) – The Pen tool script. So much, so many, so different scripts. How will you reinvent and wow the Scratch community?

CAD – Game Design

I’m compacting curriculum through the use of instructional videos. Next week we will learn how to create a scrolling background in Scratch. The class will brainstorm ideas besides a starfield. Leaves in the wind? Raindrops scrolling down instead of left/right? Dust? Then scripts will be shared to make the background/stage scroll and adding other game elements like shooting…firing…launching. It’s been awhile since we have designed game on paper first so we will do that again. Students are proficient at paper pencil planning so that stage of the assignment should go quickly.

View the video and other information below. starfield 

February 24 – 28th, 2014

GAD 1 – Completed Pen Tool “Art Transforms” assignment. Then we will start learning how to manipulate Text when using Photoshop. The goal is to create a unique work of art using only text.

GAD 2 – Completed Rube Goldberg water sculpture animation due to drop box. Continue independent study and hand in another work of art focused on your study.

Game Design – Completed catch game due. Test on Tuesday. Eleven questions. Study guide provided in class and is posted on previous blog post. Then we’ll learn about the Scratch Pen Tool and various ways to manipulate the scripts.

Great things going on next week

First…apologies. I had severe flu like symptons Feb 3-7. Too many absences. Great subs though! And Ms. Scott (asst. principal) made sure subs were contacted and in place. Instruction also continued since my intranet lessons were in place. I’ll grade everything this weekend. MP3 interim grades will be up to date by February 10.
Instruction February 10-14
GAD 1. Students learned how to use a difficult Photoshop tool. The Pen tool. Making shapes and creating a silhouette should have been completed and handed in this week.
Onto, the Harlem Renaissance. Adapting the Pen Tool to create an original work of art.
GAD 2. We went on a mini field trip today. Out in the courtyard is a drain spout. We researched Rube Goldberg then students submitted sketches for a kinectic sculpture that moves (physics) when it rains. Soon each sketch will be visualized using Vue software and animated. I wonder whose design will be chosen to be made by a CTE class or a Goochland artisan?
Game Design (aka CAD 1) Did your son/daughter mention we started using Scratch to make games and design games? Its a free app. Download to your computer and instruction can continue during absences. Assignment was due Thursday to make/remix a Pong game. It’s like ping pong but computer like.
On Monday we will focus on some text tools and create a fun name animation. But first, we’ll use a new way to give input to each student’s Pong game.

October 15-18, 2013

Hope you have a great day off on Monday!

This is more than a blog. Links are instructional and assist with future quizzes.

Follow me on Twitter. #KimBachmann. Students are encouraged to download the Twitter app to their iPhone/Android smart phone, iTouch, iPad.

GAD 1 – “Food Face” projects will be graded next week.

We are learning how to use Photoshop‘s Layer Masking options and how to arrange Layers so objects appear behind other objects. Artists call it background, middleground, and foreground. A creative project will be assigned this week using all newly learned Eraser Tools as well as Layer Masking.

GAD 2 – Thank you GHS math teacher, Mr. Barry Smith! Mr. Smith assisted this class with belonging to the GHS GAD 2 Edmodo group. Homework will be instructed through Edmodo. There’s an app for iPhone and Android devices. Students were asked to also download the app during Mr. Smith’s instruction. Congrats! All students successfully added text and an image to the Edmodo homework assignment ;-)

This week the class homework Edmodo assignment is to place a micro landscape image into their account. Then we’ll look at etiquette and proper responding to online discussions and commenting during class. The Vue in class assignment has to do with spotlights.

CADalso known as Animation/Game Design. We finished up learning about Manga and Anime. The class enjoyed the Anime movie Princess Mononoke. This week we start game design. We don’t just play games. Students create game actors, plan games, learn about gameplay, and collaborate during the learning process. Just like professional game designers. For a few weeks we’ll use the Stagecast Creator app. Eventually we’ll migrate ideas to Scratch (free), Stencyl (free) and GameSalad (free).