February 24 – 28th, 2014

GAD 1 – Completed Pen Tool “Art Transforms” assignment. Then we will start learning how to manipulate Text when using Photoshop. The goal is to create a unique work of art using only text.

GAD 2 – Completed Rube Goldberg water sculpture animation due to drop box. Continue independent study and hand in another work of art focused on your study.

Game Design – Completed catch game due. Test on Tuesday. Eleven questions. Study guide provided in class and is posted on previous blog post. Then we’ll learn about the Scratch Pen Tool and various ways to manipulate the scripts.

October 15-18, 2013

Hope you have a great day off on Monday!

This is more than a blog. Links are instructional and assist with future quizzes.

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GAD 1 – “Food Face” projects will be graded next week.

We are learning how to use Photoshop‘s Layer Masking options and how to arrange Layers so objects appear behind other objects. Artists call it background, middleground, and foreground. A creative project will be assigned this week using all newly learned Eraser Tools as well as Layer Masking.

GAD 2 – Thank you GHS math teacher, Mr. Barry Smith! Mr. Smith assisted this class with belonging to the GHS GAD 2 Edmodo group. Homework will be instructed through Edmodo. There’s an app for iPhone and Android devices. Students were asked to also download the app during Mr. Smith’s instruction. Congrats! All students successfully added text and an image to the Edmodo homework assignment ;-)

This week the class homework Edmodo assignment is to place a micro landscape image into their account. Then we’ll look at etiquette and proper responding to online discussions and commenting during class. The Vue in class assignment has to do with spotlights.

CADalso known as Animation/Game Design. We finished up learning about Manga and Anime. The class enjoyed the Anime movie Princess Mononoke. This week we start game design. We don’t just play games. Students create game actors, plan games, learn about gameplay, and collaborate during the learning process. Just like professional game designers. For a few weeks we’ll use the Stagecast Creator app. Eventually we’ll migrate ideas to Scratch (free), Stencyl (free) and GameSalad (free).

Week Two, August 26-30, 2013

Parents, students need to log into PowerSchool the first 15 minutes of each class. Please help him/her to locate their username and password.

**All students need ear buds everyday.

*$10.00 art fee for GAD 1 and GAD 2.

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CAG (Animation/Game Design Class) – We created animations using the web site http://www.abcya.com/animate.htm. This week we will explore the ancient animation device called a Thaumatrope. Students will use the abcya.com animation web site to make an electronic Thaumatrope. We will also learn how Persistence of Vision enabled the film industry. Goals will be discussed as well as thinking creatively instead of copying a Thaumatrope idea off the internet. Here’s an extra credit option. Another extra credit option here.

GAD 1 – We completed a Comic Life page about individual student interests. They will be posted in the hall. This week we’ll find out what we have in common by studying Italian Renaissance art. Students will choose 5 paintings by five different artists. A Comic Life page will be made to show those 5 paintings. Each painting will need the artists name, date of completion, size, and where the painting is located now. A sixth Comic Life frame/panel will include which painting the student would consider buying and why. I’m “giving” each student 2 billion dollars for their purchase ;-)

GAD 2 – Last week students viewed two videos about Vue Infinite‘s interface. We also practiced moving simple shapes in the 3 dimensions. Students successfully applied colored textures to the shapes. This week we will access Vue’s Atmosphere Editor. In what ways does an objects texture change when the atmosphere is changed? Why? How does this relate to the real world?

Snow Day = locate college and after school ARTS & game design opportunities

VCU – rated #1 public university arts & design in the country. here

Virginia Tech – Studio art and visual communication design programs. here

Interested in game design as a career? George Mason University requests the following when you apply.

The portfolio should include 10-15 examples of your work, at least half of which must be from studio art courses.  Examples may include drawing, painting, sculpture, 2 or 3D digital art, prints, animation, models, characters, music, websites (URLs), or game levels.  Applicants may include game design documents, scripts and stories, or game code (Script, C++, JAVA).  The portfolio must be neatly organized and clearly labeled with name and desired major on the outside.  
Game Class for One Week here
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The VMFA Studio School offers adults (16+) year-round courses and workshops in drawing, painting, photography, pottery, printmaking, mixed media, creative writing, and design. here

Game Design – Next Assignment

The game of pong is familiar to most everyone. It is one of the earliest arcade video games to reach mainstream popularity. Atari originally published the game in 1972.

Students will remix the scripts. This will enable review of scripts that should have been learned in the last 3 weeks. Another goal is to get students to add Pico Board scripts into the game and possibly set up new obstacles suggested in the image below.

December 10-15, 2012

GAD 1 – Learning to scan and save to desktop. Next it’s sign language. Students will be asked to use at least 5 scans combined into a final work of art. The five scans will be five alphabet letters within their first/last name. Student choice. I’m looking for the use of previously instructed Photoshop techniques when grading the final combined scanned work of art.

GAD 2 – Poser works now. Students will learn how to use Poser and more importantly how to import into Vue to create a work of art.

Game Design – First we’ll practice the velocity script which means making sprites fall from top of background in three different ways. Next, students will plan an original falling/catching game by filling in a storyboard. A Scratch template will be provided with an additional handout listing the must haves and must changes.

All students have been provided a study guide for the upcoming midterm exams

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