First Week – Bachmann Art Classes

All students need headphones or ear buds this week. All students will be taking an online interest survey during the first week. We’ll also learn to navigate through the Bachmann intrAnet and learn how to place assignments in the electronic drop box. Knowing your PowerSchool username and password is a must. Check with guidance if you do not have that information.

Graphic Art Design 1 -Handout provided of Photoshop CS5 toolbar. We’ll also learn to use a few of the palettes by drawing and painting with those two tools. Instead of the Eraser Tool students will learn other ways to delete color and images. There are lots of Photoshop tutorials on the web if you’d like to get a head start on learning.

Graphic Art Design 2 – With the Vue Infinite software you can move objects in three directions. Last year you could only move objects up and down. Now we’ll use the Z axis. I’ve ordered origami paper so we can make artistic models using XYZ. Some of you might enjoy origami models using VWXYZ. To view some of the sculptures click here.

Computer Art Graphics – Let’s start by looking at early animation devices and progress through important vocabulary. Bring a pencil. We’ll be drawing storyboards and making flip books. I’ll share some early animations like Gertie the Dinosaur.