Blended Learning in Bachmann’s classes

Blended learning is arriving to my classes. We do it now a little bit through intrAnet instruction. Ask your teen about this. We use it daily.

Until administrative approval is acquired I’m just introducing a few students who want to learn more. Example: Andy learned C++ at another school and wants to learn Python and Java. He signed up for the free coursera course “An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Programing.” 9 weeks long, 7-10 hours a week.

Hope to include entire classes this year. I’ve completed distance learning instruction certification from University Wisconsin-Madison and continue to verify with additional course work.

What’s Bachmann’s role? *It’s always wise to instruct students in online etiquette and how to properly respond to discussion questions as well as navigating online course web sites and how to maximize organizational digital skills. Any student introduced to Coursera will receive this instruction.

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