Art Fee

All GAD 1 and 2 students are asked to pay the $10.00 art fee. I’ll place a comment on the report card if you are wondering if this fee has been paid.

This fee provides a digital camera for every 2 students and scanners for every 2 students. When you have 130 students using those two pieces of equipment almost daily, equipment needs to be replaced. Teenagers are a bit “rough” with these devices. Rechargeable batteries need to be replaced. With new technology camera 2-4GB storage cards are becoming a must.

Digital Art students have won numerous honorary and monetary awards and notable recognitions in the past. Last year approximately 20 students won state and national awards/recognitions. Three years ago two students had their creations printed in a popular college magazine located in The Netherlands. Approximately $1800.00 was awarded to digital art students at GHS last year. Most of those submissions had to be in printed format. The printers are 10 years old and doing great but ink cartridge costs and quality photo grade paper costs have increased.

Parents, if you would like a collection of your students art I can send that to you on a CD that is playable both on PC or Mac. Your student can save the images in .png format and I’ll supply the CD.