September 23-27

GAD 1 – Students know how to erase backgrounds, add multiple images to create a single image, layers palette importance, save names, and how to put images into drop box for evaluation. You’ve learned the most important Photoshop tools and palettes. We’ll add a few more this week and next. Then we’ll move onto a project I call Food Face. A few years ago a Dutch College University picked up on images posted on this blog and published one GHS art students Food Face image on the cover of their magazine! Using images of their favorite foods students will create a self portrait in the style of G. Arcimboldo. I’ll relate this artists works of art and life to what students study in history classes.

GAD 2 – Let’s look together at what this wonderful group of second year computer art students have been creating so far this year. How might you start a portfolio of your efforts? Green Valley tutorial due by the end of the week.

Animation/Game Design – It’s all about the people who created famous animated characters. My favorites are from the Jetsons. What’s yours?

GAD 1 extra credit and community service opportunity

MP 4 EXTRA CREDIT – Andy Warhol artist style.

Bring in an UNOPENED Campbell Soup can.

Place your food face (Guiseppe Arcimboldo) project into the central circle using Photoshop.

Template provided. It will be in the F176 folder.

Print out on color printer in room.

Cut out label.

Tape your label to original can label.

Soup will be donated to Richmond’s food bank in May.