Study Guides and Handouts needed for the entire year

Use the following to study for quizzes, MP tests, midterms and final exams. Printer is available within the classroom if you want a hard copy. 

  1. Animation Vocabulary and Principles
  2. vue9.5Toolbar
  3. psdToolbarCS5
  4. Vue_Render_Settings
  5. flipbook_history
  6. rubric-GENERAL
  7. Flipbook Rubric
  8. How to estimate frames per second (fps) for a 5 minute animation. Click here.
  9. Animation Example Test Questions
  10. Surrealism Must Haves, GAD2
  11. collage checklist,  Personal Identity, GAD1
  12. GAD 1 MP1 Study Guide
  13. XYCoordinatesForGameDesignClass