First Day of Class

Let’s get to know each other during the first week of school. What car do I drive? Do you know what a QR code is and can you acces that on your smart phone? How many states has Bachmann called home?

Students tend to gravitate to seats in the back of the room. Let’s mix that up a bit using an Alphabetical roll activity. Then students will learn how to log into their digital art computer and complete an online scavenger hunt.

There is a $10.00 art fee for both GAD 1 and 2 courses. GAD 2 students need a sketchbook. More about that later. I have a way to purchase in bulk. CAD classes might have to purchase a few supplies through the year.

**Parents. Know how to access PowerSchool. All my courses are digital art. I have no way to mark grades on each production assignment!

Need a syllabus? Hope to see you at the opportunities GHS has provided.