Week Three, September 3-6, 2013

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GAD 1 – Students filled in all the names of Adobe Photoshop tools. A very important document that students should have with them during every class. Here’s a completed copy. This week we’ll explore the Brush Tool and how to alter the brush using the Brush palette. There are many other palettes in Photoshop. We’ll also explore how to alter images using the Image>Adjustments pull down menu.

GAD 2 – Students learned how to adjust clouds using atmosphere editor, how to add cloud props from the F176 shared library and how to make and adjust their own clouds. This week we’ll explore the two types of terrains available within Vue Infinite. The assignment? To create a rolling hill scene, similar to a golf course, using at least 4 terrain props. Another challenge is to adjust the horizon line. So, we’ll learn that Vue’s camera can be adjusted.

CAG – We’ve been covering ancient animation devices and some of the animation principles. Each day students make a study card. This weeks study starts with the Zoetrope and the principle called Anticipation.

• the preparation for the action • the action itself • the results of the movement

We also watch cartoons to observe assigned principles. This week Yogi Bear is the focus.


Study Guides and Handouts needed for the entire year

Use the following to study for quizzes, MP tests, midterms and final exams. Printer is available within the classroom if you want a hard copy. 

  1. Animation Vocabulary and Principles
  2. vue9.5Toolbar
  3. psdToolbarCS5
  4. Vue_Render_Settings
  5. flipbook_history
  6. rubric-GENERAL
  7. Flipbook Rubric
  8. How to estimate frames per second (fps) for a 5 minute animation. Click here.
  9. Animation Example Test Questions
  10. Surrealism Must Haves, GAD2
  11. collage checklist,  Personal Identity, GAD1
  12. GAD 1 MP1 Study Guide
  13. XYCoordinatesForGameDesignClass