Final Exams – electives

Seniors. Your early exams occur during class on Monday and Tuesday this week.

GAD 1 – One day Photoshop tutorial assignments continue. Each assignment is designed to function as a review for their final exam. Final exam will consist of 30+  A,B,C questions and also a production exam. Students will be given a set of images and the final image. They will need to put together the image using the set of images.

GAD 2 – Final exam is production. We will also continue adding onto their Dreamweaver electronic art portfolio. Since portfolios include both their first and second year electronic art they will be asked to write about their progress through the two years of study.

Game Design – Creative/Original Frogger production continues this week. Final exam consists of 50+ scantron type questions as well as a production using Scratch app. You’ll be given the game jump start for the final exam production.

Until Midterms Begin

GAD 1 – Learning to scan in images to make art using Adobe Photoshop. We’ll be scanning hands, faces, and more then apply numerous learned Photoshop techniques. Midterm exam will include identification of all Photoshop tools and palettes used so far this year.

GAD 2 – Have begun an independent study of art. Graffiti is popular as is photography. Students are required to complete extensive research as well as make an art product. Presentation of their research and product will culminate in their midterm exam grade.

Game Design – We started game #3. This time the planning was completed for them. Students have to follow that plan and get the game working. Final exam will be a production exam. They’ll be given a game “starter” and will have to make all the rules.

April 22-26

Game Design – Turn in level one for evaluation. Start level 2.

GAD 1 – Using cameras outdoors. Focus on backgrounds when shooting self-portrait images. Learn how to increase page size and apply Image>Adjustments used this year.

GAD 2 – Finalize Poser heads for the 3d printer. Start collaborative chess set for 3D printer.

**Don’t forget to attend the GCPS arts festival on Saturday, May 4th!

Games Worthy of Discussion

This is a list of my favorite iPad/mobile device games. Most are free. I love the physics as well as the graphic interfaces. Let me know your favorite and why.

Naught iPad game. $3.99, Tiny Wings. Beautiful landscape mountains. World of Oil. Connect the pipeline to complete each level. Contre Jour. Connect the tails of these creatures to complete each level. Doodle Destroy is a game of physics and red, blue, grey blocks. The game was created by a 14 year old boy.