April 22-26

Game Design – Turn in level one for evaluation. Start level 2.

GAD 1 – Using cameras outdoors. Focus on backgrounds when shooting self-portrait images. Learn how to increase page size and apply Image>Adjustments used this year.

GAD 2 – Finalize Poser heads for the 3d printer. Start collaborative chess set for 3D printer.

**Don’t forget to attend the GCPS arts festival on Saturday, May 4th!

Games Worthy of Discussion

This is a list of my favorite iPad/mobile device games. Most are free. I love the physics as well as the graphic interfaces. Let me know your favorite and why.

Naught iPad game. $3.99, Tiny Wings. Beautiful landscape mountains. World of Oil. Connect the pipeline to complete each level. Contre Jour. Connect the tails of these creatures to complete each level. Doodle Destroy is a game of physics and red, blue, grey blocks. The game was created by a 14 year old boy. 

GAD 1 extra credit and community service opportunity

MP 4 EXTRA CREDIT – Andy Warhol artist style.

Bring in an UNOPENED Campbell Soup can.

Place your food face (Guiseppe Arcimboldo) project into the central circle using Photoshop.

Template provided. It will be in the F176 folder.

Print out on color printer in room.

Cut out label.

Tape your label to original can label.

Soup will be donated to Richmond’s food bank in May.

Snow Day = locate college and after school ARTS & game design opportunities

VCU – rated #1 public university arts & design in the country. here

Virginia Tech – Studio art and visual communication design programs. here

Interested in game design as a career? George Mason University requests the following when you apply.

The portfolio should include 10-15 examples of your work, at least half of which must be from studio art courses.  Examples may include drawing, painting, sculpture, 2 or 3D digital art, prints, animation, models, characters, music, websites (URLs), or game levels.  Applicants may include game design documents, scripts and stories, or game code (Script, C++, JAVA).  The portfolio must be neatly organized and clearly labeled with name and desired major on the outside.  
Game Class for One Week here
Explore, discover, and create during the 44th year of Summer Camp at the Smithsonian. With a wide variety of camps for all ages and interests including traditional arts and crafts, science, dioramas, and video games (and plenty more), you’re sure to find something to boost your child’s summer fun.
Are you 16+
The VMFA Studio School offers adults (16+) year-round courses and workshops in drawing, painting, photography, pottery, printmaking, mixed media, creative writing, and design. here

Congratulations Game Makers and this week lesson plans

The following Game Design students have had their catcher game placed on the GHS web site! Colton, Kip, Adam, Jake, Landon, Jonathan, Ben, Sydney, Michael, Mason, Lily, Keith, Kamryn, Joshua, and Brittni. You can play their games by clicking here>>>

GAD1 – Learning how to use the 3D tool in photoshop. Then we’ll start learning about the Character Palette within Photoshop.

GAD2 – Scan Buddha drawings, fill with Photoshop gradients after brief discussion of color scheme. We’ll review how to attach human and animal parts to a body structure using Vue. The final assignment is to design a new entity formed from the one of the Four Noble Truths.

Game Design – Review of Catcher game. Then we’ll focus on Pico Board scripting in order to improve Pong game play.

Turtles in the Road – science, game design

I read a Channel 8 article about a Clemson, SC college student that did a study who set out to determine how to help box turtles cross the road. The article caught my eye.  I taught a Hanover County academically gifted elementary student years ago.  He would ask his mother to stop the car so he could assist the traveling of box turtles near Beaverdam, VA.

Box turtles are on the decline. The Clemenson student put a realistic rubber turtle in the middle of a busy road near his campus. This student understands clearly why box turtles are in decline since within one hour he witnessed seven drivers swerve and deliberately ran over the plastic critter. “Several more apparently tried to hit it but missed.”

This student wants to figure out the best way to get turtles safely across the road and keep the population from dwindling.

Sounds like an interesting game design project for my GHS fine arts students. Any ideas?