Selfies, Instagram, Pixel Bender, and Recent Acquisitions

GAD 1 used digital cameras to snap a few selfies. Then we discussed the filters popular within Instagram. Students then loaded a few instagram filters into photoshop. Adding images from the classroom’s copyright free folder were included as well as many previously learned Photoshop techniques.

GAD 2 explored a new filter called Pixel Bender. The goal was to include Pixel Bender and other Photoshop techniques to create an oil painting finish.

Art and Talent ~ ANYTHING GOES and don’t forget the spring play

Hungry? Buy a ceramic bowl from ceramic student then fill it up with soup. Your purchase will be donated to the Goochland Free Clinic & Family Services. Empty bowls national info here.

Make your Mark. As you walk in get creative with sidewalk chalk. Who knows. Google Earth might be snapping new photos of GHS while your art is visible.

The auditorium is alive with k-12 chorus and band performances.  GMS chorus will start at 11 am.

Huge display of visual art student. We over flowed into both GMS and GHS cafeterias and hallways for all the student art!

The GHS National Art Honor Society is again providing interactive art booths for all ages. And they sell the best homemade bake goods ever!

Stay for the Spring play.

First Day of Class

Let’s get to know each other during the first week of school. What car do I drive? Do you know what a QR code is and can you acces that on your smart phone? How many states has Bachmann called home?

Students tend to gravitate to seats in the back of the room. Let’s mix that up a bit using an Alphabetical roll activity. Then students will learn how to log into their digital art computer and complete an online scavenger hunt.

There is a $10.00 art fee for both GAD 1 and 2 courses. GAD 2 students need a sketchbook. More about that later. I have a way to purchase in bulk. CAD classes might have to purchase a few supplies through the year.

**Parents. Know how to access PowerSchool. All my courses are digital art. I have no way to mark grades on each production assignment!

Need a syllabus? Hope to see you at the opportunities GHS has provided.




Vegas Fauna

Were back from our Vegas 30th wedding anniversary trip. It’s time for this art teacher to open some of the palm tree photos in Photoshop. This image is of a palm shoot sprouting near the base of an established palm. Who knew there were so many different palms gathered from Mexico, Arizona, and California then brought to Las Vegas. Not sure where this palm is from. Not all palm trees are tall. The sprout is visually rich in repetition, shape, and line.

IDEA: Get up close to your photo subjects. Thinking of printing this out and adding some colored pencil embellishments. What are your ideas?

What is in your environment that repeats shapes or lines? What might you do with the image? Make a sculpture? Bring out paints or oil pastels?

Vegas Art

This week I visited the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. Interesting facts about this artistic medium were heard during the one hour tour. We also viewed the unique architecture within the Venetian and Bellagio hotels. Where have you been viewing art this summer? Let me know and I’ll post your photos.