About Kim Bachmann

Art educator instructing art using a computer instead of a paint brush. I also teach animation & game design. I've been teaching art at Goochland High School since 1992. Prior to Virginia i lived in Denver, Colorado where I taught 1-6 grade art for ten years. I'm very interested in online distance learning. I have a vision of being able to deliver instruction through my students hand held electronic devices.

April 7-11, 2014

GAD 1 – 21 eyes. Learning 21 new ways to edit photos using Photoshop.

GAD 2 – Reflective glass photo shoot then back into Photoshop and the Pixel Bender Filter.

Game Design – Maze game plan was due last week…hope you got approval so you can start the production on Monday.

Art and Talent ~ ANYTHING GOES and don’t forget the spring play

Hungry? Buy a ceramic bowl from ceramic student then fill it up with soup. Your purchase will be donated to the Goochland Free Clinic & Family Services. Empty bowls national info here.

Make your Mark. As you walk in get creative with sidewalk chalk. Who knows. Google Earth might be snapping new photos of GHS while your art is visible.

The auditorium is alive with k-12 chorus and band performances.  GMS chorus will start at 11 am.

Huge display of visual art student. We over flowed into both GMS and GHS cafeterias and hallways for all the student art!

The GHS National Art Honor Society is again providing interactive art booths for all ages. And they sell the best homemade bake goods ever!

Stay for the Spring play.

March 24-28, 2014

Students/Staff cannot use the www this week since SOL testing has begun. We are saving bandwith as well as sending positive thoughts to all bulldogs taking tests this week.

So, no links in this blog :-(

Not to worry…all Bachmann intranet links have been changed until SOL testing is done this week.

Great weather means GAD 1 goes into the courtyard to learn how to use digital cameras in the GHS courtyard. Natural lighting is best for taking selfies. Then you will use Photoshop to create many layers using textures from the F176 shared folder, include the layer palettes options: opacity and blending modes.

GAD 2 – Lets talk still life. Your cupcakes from last week are still lifes. Let’s build a still life using 3D Vue first. Cezanne is a great still life artist but let’s also look at Flack and Fish for inspiration.

CAD (game design) – The Pen tool script. So much, so many, so different scripts. How will you reinvent and wow the Scratch community?

CAD – Game Design

I’m compacting curriculum through the use of instructional videos. Next week we will learn how to create a scrolling background in Scratch. The class will brainstorm ideas besides a starfield. Leaves in the wind? Raindrops scrolling down instead of left/right? Dust? Then scripts will be shared to make the background/stage scroll and adding other game elements like shooting…firing…launching. It’s been awhile since we have designed game on paper first so we will do that again. Students are proficient at paper pencil planning so that stage of the assignment should go quickly.

View the video and other information below. starfield