I’ll post specifics soon. Here’s some information if you are just curious about what each class is about.

Graphic Art Design 1 – We use Adobe Photoshop CS5 to create original works of art. Most units begin with a few tutorials then creating an original work of art using skills instructed. Adapting cultural styles and art history to digital art is a year goal. You will be supplied the use of scanners, digital cameras to import photos for digital manipulation. We’ll explore how to import your smart phone and ipad images. A few tests, midterm, and final exam. First: importing images, using all eraser tools, and the power of blend modes.

Graphic Art Design 2 – We use Adobe Illustrator to create works of art as well as business type documents. You will need a sketchbook. This class will collaborate with the drama department to produce playbills, cast head shots, and programs. A few tests, midterm, and final exam. First: Sketching, cutting construction paper shapes and making Illustrator shapes that make image like characters. Let’s make a Minion ;-)

Computer Art DesignIt’s a game design and animation class. Make a 1868 flip book and watch/study animated cartoon famous characters. Did you know that Gertie is the oldest animated dinosaur? Game design apps include StageCast Creator, Scratch, Stencyl, and Gamesalad. Think about ideas for platform games, catcher, and a way to reinvent pong. A few tests, midterm, and final exam. First: Importing an actor/character into all 4 game apps we use. Then making the actor/character move left, right, up, down.

GAD 2 summer assignment

 Mr. Burch has selected Alice In Wonderland for the fall play. I can’t wait to see all of the characters on the GHS stage!

So, second year digital art students will use Lewis Carroll’s  wonderful tale to generate several assignments, a collaboration, and weekly chapter discussions of the book.

  • Did you know Lewis Carroll is a pseudonym? His real name? Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.
  • Original title of book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

1. This summer download the free book to your electronic device.

If you aren’t able to download, or don’t own a copy of the book let me know. I’ll have copies for purchase. $3.00

2. Sketch some of the characters. Wouldn’t it be fun to draw all the characters in Manga style? Pop Art style? Grunge style?

  1. Think about it and write me by adding a comment about the two questions below:

Alice is well known even among people who have not read the books. There have been many movies and many TV shows with Alice parodies or references. Some examples of well-known ideas from the books include “going down the rabbit hole,” a white rabbit with a watch, the Cheshire Cat who can disappear bit by bit until only his smile is left, the riddle “why is a raven like a writing desk,” “curiouser and curiouser,” the eating of the mushroom and other items to alter one’s size, the Walrus and the Carpenter (, and the cry, “Off with their heads!” Why is Alice such a popular cultural icon?