Final Exams – electives

Seniors. Your early exams occur during class on Monday and Tuesday this week.

GAD 1 – One day Photoshop tutorial assignments continue. Each assignment is designed to function as a review for their final exam. Final exam will consist of 30+  A,B,C questions and also a production exam. Students will be given a set of images and the final image. They will need to put together the image using the set of images.

GAD 2 – Final exam is production. We will also continue adding onto their Dreamweaver electronic art portfolio. Since portfolios include both their first and second year electronic art they will be asked to write about their progress through the two years of study.

Game Design – Creative/Original Frogger production continues this week. Final exam consists of 50+ scantron type questions as well as a production using Scratch app. You’ll be given the game jump start for the final exam production.