CAD – Game Design

I’m compacting curriculum through the use of instructional videos. Next week we will learn how to create a scrolling background in Scratch. The class will brainstorm ideas besides a starfield. Leaves in the wind? Raindrops scrolling down instead of left/right? Dust? Then scripts will be shared to make the background/stage scroll and adding other game elements like shooting…firing…launching. It’s been awhile since we have designed game on paper first so we will do that again. Students are proficient at paper pencil planning so that stage of the assignment should go quickly.

View the video and other information below. starfield 

GAD 2 – portfolios next week

First and second year student art has been saved as a .jpg image. All images are now in a folder (on students’ desktop).

Now we will use Dreamweaver to arrange all images and add text.

I’m introducing a bit of .html instruction.

Students will also be introduced ways to decorate their Dreamweaver web page. YES, students will leave with a CD that can be uploaded to web sites or submitted to colleges. The portfolio will open just like a web page!

GAD 1, more learning about Fonts

We will start the CrimeStoppers poster Monday/Tuesday. Learn about which fonts are Serif and which are Sans Serif. All type is either category. Serif means feet. This font I’m using is Sans Serif. No little “feet” at the bottom of the font. Print this image out as a study guide for future quiz. Copies available in class Monday/Tuesday.