Week Three, September 3-6, 2013

Please pay your $10.00 art fee for GAD 1 and GAD 2. Students need headphones or ear buds everyday! Follow me on twitter. @KimBachmann

GAD 1 – Students filled in all the names of Adobe Photoshop tools. A very important document that students should have with them during every class. Here’s a completed copy. This week we’ll explore the Brush Tool and how to alter the brush using the Brush palette. There are many other palettes in Photoshop. We’ll also explore how to alter images using the Image>Adjustments pull down menu.

GAD 2 – Students learned how to adjust clouds using atmosphere editor, how to add cloud props from the F176 shared library and how to make and adjust their own clouds. This week we’ll explore the two types of terrains available within Vue Infinite. The assignment? To create a rolling hill scene, similar to a golf course, using at least 4 terrain props. Another challenge is to adjust the horizon line. So, we’ll learn that Vue’s camera can be adjusted.

CAG – We’ve been covering ancient animation devices and some of the animation principles. Each day students make a study card. This weeks study starts with the Zoetrope and the principle called Anticipation.

• the preparation for the action • the action itself • the results of the movement

We also watch cartoons to observe assigned principles. This week Yogi Bear is the focus.


Week Two, August 26-30, 2013

Parents, students need to log into PowerSchool the first 15 minutes of each class. Please help him/her to locate their username and password.

**All students need ear buds everyday.

*$10.00 art fee for GAD 1 and GAD 2.

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CAG (Animation/Game Design Class) – We created animations using the web site http://www.abcya.com/animate.htm. This week we will explore the ancient animation device called a Thaumatrope. Students will use the abcya.com animation web site to make an electronic Thaumatrope. We will also learn how Persistence of Vision enabled the film industry. Goals will be discussed as well as thinking creatively instead of copying a Thaumatrope idea off the internet. Here’s an extra credit option. Another extra credit option here.

GAD 1 – We completed a Comic Life page about individual student interests. They will be posted in the hall. This week we’ll find out what we have in common by studying Italian Renaissance art. Students will choose 5 paintings by five different artists. A Comic Life page will be made to show those 5 paintings. Each painting will need the artists name, date of completion, size, and where the painting is located now. A sixth Comic Life frame/panel will include which painting the student would consider buying and why. I’m “giving” each student 2 billion dollars for their purchase ;-)

GAD 2 – Last week students viewed two videos about Vue Infinite‘s interface. We also practiced moving simple shapes in the 3 dimensions. Students successfully applied colored textures to the shapes. This week we will access Vue’s Atmosphere Editor. In what ways does an objects texture change when the atmosphere is changed? Why? How does this relate to the real world?

Who is Bachmann?

First name: Kim. kbachmann@glnd.k12.va.us

Married 30 years to Dennis Bachmann.

Born in Chicago, Illinois.

Moved to Denver, Colorado at age 5.

Bachelor degree: Art Education from Colorado State University.

Undergraduate media focus: ceramics and fiber arts.

Moved to Virginia about 25 years ago.

Masters degree: Art Education from VCU.

Certification in Distance Learning Instruction from University of


Created all GHS computer art and game design courses about 12

years ago.

At old high school taught “traditional” art courses.

Total teaching years? 34. Grades 1-6 and 9-12.

Virginia Art Education Association: central region co-president for 2

years and web master for 2 years. Presented numerous workshops at

VAEA conferences and coordinated CRVAEA Piankatank raku workshops.

Week One – August 19-23, 2013

syllabus2013-14. Bring something to write with. Knowing your school id is important since it’s how you log into the computer. Do you also know your username and password for PowerSchool? It’s important since it’s the only way instructor can post comments to your assigned works of art and game creations.

Let’s get to know each other. We will share our interests as well as other information about you. Students will also complete a multiple intelligence “test.” We will chart which of the 8 intelligences you share with others in the class.