April 22-26

Game Design – Turn in level one for evaluation. Start level 2.

GAD 1 – Using cameras outdoors. Focus on backgrounds when shooting self-portrait images. Learn how to increase page size and apply Image>Adjustments used this year.

GAD 2 – Finalize Poser heads for the 3d printer. Start collaborative chess set for 3D printer.

**Don’t forget to attend the GCPS arts festival on Saturday, May 4th!

Games Worthy of Discussion

This is a list of my favorite iPad/mobile device games. Most are free. I love the physics as well as the graphic interfaces. Let me know your favorite and why.

Naught iPad game. $3.99, Tiny Wings. Beautiful landscape mountains. World of Oil. Connect the pipeline to complete each level. Contre Jour. Connect the tails of these creatures to complete each level. Doodle Destroy is a game of physics and red, blue, grey blocks. The game was created by a 14 year old boy.