GAD 1 extra credit and community service opportunity

MP 4 EXTRA CREDIT – Andy Warhol artist style.

Bring in an UNOPENED Campbell Soup can.

Place your food face (Guiseppe Arcimboldo) project into the central circle using Photoshop.

Template provided. It will be in the F176 folder.

Print out on color printer in room.

Cut out label.

Tape your label to original can label.

Soup will be donated to Richmond’s food bank in May.

week March 18-22, 2013

GAD 1 – review MP3 test. Start Arcimboldo self portrait. Students collected images of fruits/veggies last week for the project.

GAD2 – Donut sculpture we will make in the style of the artist Wayne Thiebaud. Then we’ll work 3D to create original works of art. Yum!

Game Design – By Friday students will have completed a game based on Beauty and the Beast musical. This is our last Scratch game. Soon we’ll learn how to use StageCast Creator 2 game software.