Game Design – Next Assignment

The game of pong is familiar to most everyone. It is one of the earliest arcade video games to reach mainstream popularity. Atari originally published the game in 1972.

Students will remix the scripts. This will enable review of scripts that should have been learned in the last 3 weeks. Another goal is to get students to add Pico Board scripts into the game and possibly set up new obstacles suggested in the image below.

Due Dates for this week

GAD 1 doodle art due Monday and Tuesday. You’ll need to put the image into the drop box on Wednesday/Thursday.

GAD 2 – Tuesday, Buddhism WebQuest due.

Game Design – Catcher games due. Don’t forget to add project notes using complete sentences. All games will be posted online at

We will also explore the scripts involved in the game of pong. This will review scripts for moving a sprite right and left as well as velocity scripting.