December 10-15, 2012

GAD 1 – Learning to scan and save to desktop. Next it’s sign language. Students will be asked to use at least 5 scans combined into a final work of art. The five scans will be five alphabet letters within their first/last name. Student choice. I’m looking for the use of previously instructed Photoshop techniques when grading the final combined scanned work of art.

GAD 2 – Poser works now. Students will learn how to use Poser and more importantly how to import into Vue to create a work of art.

Game Design – First we’ll practice the velocity script which means making sprites fall from top of background in three different ways. Next, students will plan an original falling/catching game by filling in a storyboard. A Scratch template will be provided with an additional handout listing the must haves and must changes.

All students have been provided a study guide for the upcoming midterm exams

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