Turtles in the Road – science, game design

I read a Channel 8 article about a Clemson, SC college student that did a study who set out to determine how to help box turtles cross the road. The article caught my eye.  I taught a Hanover County academically gifted elementary student years ago.  He would ask his mother to stop the car so he could assist the traveling of box turtles near Beaverdam, VA.

Box turtles are on the decline. The Clemenson student put a realistic rubber turtle in the middle of a busy road near his campus. This student understands clearly why box turtles are in decline since within one hour he witnessed seven drivers swerve and deliberately ran over the plastic critter. “Several more apparently tried to hit it but missed.”

This student wants to figure out the best way to get turtles safely across the road and keep the population from dwindling.

Sounds like an interesting game design project for my GHS fine arts students. Any ideas?

December 10-15, 2012

GAD 1 – Learning to scan and save to desktop. Next it’s sign language. Students will be asked to use at least 5 scans combined into a final work of art. The five scans will be five alphabet letters within their first/last name. Student choice. I’m looking for the use of previously instructed Photoshop techniques when grading the final combined scanned work of art.

GAD 2 – Poser works now. Students will learn how to use Poser and more importantly how to import into Vue to create a work of art.

Game Design – First we’ll practice the velocity script which means making sprites fall from top of background in three different ways. Next, students will plan an original falling/catching game by filling in a storyboard. A Scratch template will be provided with an additional handout listing the must haves and must changes.

All students have been provided a study guide for the upcoming midterm exams