October 15-19, 2012

GAD 1 – Sketches were due late last week for an original surrealism  work of art using Photoshop. Each student is to include 3 of the 4 terms within their one work of art. Levitation, scale change, tranformation. Two visual resources were available to assist students with their two sketches. This week one of those approved sketches will go into production. I’ll continue to stress how to show one object behind another (we learned this on the Green Gremlin practice assignment) and basic composition. Study guides were handed out last week. If you lost your Photoshop Toolbar handout you can print it out from my previous Study Guides and handouts post.

GAD 2 – Three groups were formed. Each group finalized the art web portfolio rubric. Students considered the best font size, font family type, color scheme, and layout using several best practices portfolios provided by instructor. Each student sketched their idea using their groups rubric. MP1 test is on the toolbars within Vue. Study guides were offered. You can still print one out from my previous Handouts and Study Guides post.

CAG ( animation) – Rotoscoping is a slow process but students are speeding up as they become more comfortable with Photoshops tools and the animation palette. On Friday CAG produced a quick group stop motion video. The student director titled it The Great Wreck. Other students were asked to make a plan for next weeks video. I’ll introduce the same process to the Day 1 class. MP1 test for these two classes will be the 1/2 way point of their Rotoscoping video.


October 9-12, 2012

GAD1 – Finishing up review of first Photoshop Quiz #1. Starting unit on Surrealism. Students will receive a file with a background and 4 images for practice. How to might you modify the images to show levitation, transformation, juxtaposition, and scale change. Last week students discovered the copyright free images located within the F176 Shared Folder. I’ll introduce them to Creative Commons and how to identify copyright free images within other web sites.

GAD2 – Comments have been posted on surrealism revisions submitted last week. This week we’ll look at exemplery web art portfolios and develop a rubric for class use. Then students will use Dreamweaver to create their own portfolio. The portfolio is a year long assignment. Rubric ideas here>>>

Animation – Continue using Photoshop to Rotoscope their Rotoball videos. On Thursday and Friday we’ll take a break and make a stop motion human video. Thursday class already has a plan. Fridays class will create storyboards for their plan. Hopefully we’ll end the year with a human stop motion video directed by each student.