Does GCPS Have Rules About Homework That Requires Internet Usage?

Teacher assigned schoolwork to be completed at home should never require Internet connectivity.  One of the tremendous benefits of 1:1 student technology (currently iPads in grades 4-7) connected with a division-wide learning management system (Schoology) is that content can be downloaded to student devices so that access is “anytime” and does not require Internet connection.  An additional benefit is that parents can also have access to the same learning materials as their child.

One issue we have seen come up occasionally involves missed classwork versus homework.  There have been instances when a student has missed work that was facilitated in class relying on the Internet connection available within our schools.  In these cases we expect our teachers to work individually with students to ensure makeup and mastery of the missed classwork in a manner that does not require Internet connection at home (i.e. the student may make up the missed work during school hours or the student may be given an alternate assignment that does not require Internet connection to be completed at home).  A major project may also require internet usage, but our teachers give students either time in class or after-school to complete any necessary research.

The digital conversion in schools is a transition (not unlike the transition that took place in education hundreds of years ago when students were provided copies of course textbooks); GCPS will be most successful when we partner with our families along the way.  If something’s not working well for you or your child, please let us know.  The best way to begin this dialogue and problem solving is by connecting directly with your child’s teacher and/or principal.

If you would like more information about how to connect to your child’s schoolwork in Schoology or if your child is being assigned homework that requires the internet, please contact your child’s principal or teacher to share your concerns.

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