BES Students Provide Clean Water in Zanzibar

This year students at Byrd Elementary School focused on ways to help others by being great citizens both locally and globally. Their art teacher, Mary Beth Flippen, talked to the students about CHaRA. She told them about what CHaRA does in the schools of Unguja Zanzibar. The students at Byrd wanted to help as well! A Spring Farmers Market was held at the school. Classes, students, and families worked to make goods to sell at the market. The goal was to raise money to donate to help schools in Zanzibar through CHaRA. Through the efforts of everyone at Byrd Elementary School, $1,500 was raised! All students in the school voted and it was decided that this money would go to provide a clean water storage tank for a school in Zanzibar.

Thank you to all the students, teachers, and parents of Byrd Elementary for an awesome gift of clean water for Zanzibar Schools!

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