Joe Beasley Bringing Instruction to Life

GES teacher, Joe Beasley, displays the GCPS values of creativity and excellence every day in his classroom. He pulls out all the stops, relentlessly pursuing new and invigorating ways to help his students hook into learning.

Take a look at the Scientific Method Song, written by Joe and his students:


As Dr. Geyer put it recently, “Joe, your students will remember you, your class and the content when they’re 60. Thank you for making learning fun.”


4 thoughts on “Joe Beasley Bringing Instruction to Life

  1. Teacher of the Year in my book!! My daughter LOVES being in Mr. Beasley’s class/homeroom. He is also doing great things with them as far as getting involved in helping the community. The homeroom had a field trip to the Clothes Closet during the first week of school. They are now in the process of collecting clothes at the school for donation. They have far surpassed their goal. More community service is in the works for the rest of the year.

  2. What an excellent example of an inovative and caring teacher. The students and school system are so lucky to have Mr. Beasley.