We Want Your Feedback On Our Budget!!!

In the spirit of collaboration as described in my first blog post, I mentioned last week that one of my main priorities upon entry in Goochland is to create an efficient and transparent budget process.  We have already opened the doors for our school leadership to provide us greater feedback through a thorough budget request process.  Now we want to open the doors to everyone in our community to give us your thoughts.  We have created a survey to help us identify specific budget priorities to be recommended to the school board on November 27.  Please click here to access the survey or copy the link below.


The survey can be very brief, yet it allows you the opportunity to give us unlimited feedback if your time allows more detail.  Please take the time to share your thoughts and ideas with us.  One thing that everyone will learn about my leadership style is that I take these opportunities for feedback very seriously and will make sure the board knows the thoughts and concerns of the community in developing budgets and plans.

On the last page of the survey, you also have the opportunity to complete our START, STOP, and CONTINUE survey.  In addition to budget, we want your feedback on programming in general as a precursor to our strategic planning.  Please feel free to identify programs that you would like to see enhanced.  The survey is open to anyone (Parents, Teachers, Staff, Students, Guardians, Community Members, Citizens, Residents, etc.).  We truly want everyone’s feedback, so please feel free to share our survey with anyone that you know has an interest in our schools.

Every day that we get closer to December 12 brings me increased excitement so that we can begin our collective partnership to guide our schools to increased excellence.

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