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GHS Art I Exam Review

GHS Art I Exam Review

Please use this review for your exam.  Don’t forget to bring a bag to class to clean out your cubby and take home all of your art.  If you are interested in summer art opportunities check out classes at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Visual Arts Center of Richmond, VCU School of the Arts, and Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center!


Art I

MP4 Study Guide-


  1. Sculpture – a work of art that possesses height, width and depth


  1. Sculpture-in-the-round – a work that can be seen from all sides


  1. Mass – the perceived weight of a sculpture


  1. Volume – the perceived space or air of a sculpture


  1. Form – this is the shape in three dimensions – the total design


  1. Balance – the form in relations to gravity or the form in relation to the design.  Expressed as symmetrical (formal, equal) or asymmetrical balance.


  1. Three-dimensional – height width and depth.


  1. Recycled Art-be able to describe an art project that could be made using non-traditional materials.


  1. Mat Cutter- you must know the steps to cut a mat.  Take notes here:





  1. Still Life- a painting or drawing of nonliving objects


  1. Ellipse- a circle seen in perspective, depending on your view of an object the circle may be more flat (oval) or round


  1. Outline- in still life, draw the outlines of the objects you see by studying the edges


  1. Contour drawing- drawing an object as though your drawing tool is moving along the edges and ridges of the form


  1. Form- an element of art that refers to an object with three dimensions


  1. Proportion- how parts of a work relate to each other and to the whole


  1. Oil Pastels-

Back to front, light to dark, no black, use the complement color, blending tools, shadows, value shading, following the shape of the object, mixing colors


  1. Composition- the way the principles are used to organize the elements of art


  1. Video Research Project


  1. Larger Stylistic Movements


  1. Artist Influences


  1. Creative Commons


  1. Referencing a work of art


  1. Discussion Question-Be prepared to discuss the artist that you researched


  1. Christopher Mize- still life, lives in Goochland, paints still life, reproduces and sells original paintings as prints



  1. Claes Oldenburg-Swedish born (1929) American sculptor, known for large scale sculptures of everyday objects (Pop Art), collaborated with his wife Coosje van Bruggen




  1. Robert Rauschenberg- American, 1925-2008, painter, graphic artist, sculptor, Pop art, Mixed media, Abstract expressionism, Postmodernism, Neo-Dada




  1. Frank Stella-American painter and printmaker, born 1936, minimalism, post-painterly abstraction




  1. Alexander Calder-American sculptor, kinetic sculpture (mobiles), 1898-1976



  1. Artist in Residence- Goochland Artist, Glenn Dankos, abstract sculpture




Be prepared to demonstrate what you know about the elements of art through a series of small drawings.  You will need to show that you understand line, shape, color, value, texture, and space.