Teacher Dashboard SY 2014-15

Teacher Dashboard is Here!

This year, we once again are offering the Teacher Dashboard product for managing docs, sheets, and slides with Google Drive with students!

If you need a refresher or want to know more, check out this post I made last year covering the integration of TD and Google Drive.

This tool is now available and can be accessed at: http://teacherdashboard.appspot.com/glnd.k12.va.us. Once authenticated with your Google Account, you should see a “dashboard” with your classes, and within, your students.

If you encounter any issues, please inquire with your technology coach (ITRT). TD is only for managing Google Accounts and affects students in grades 3-12.

Teacher Dashboard and Schoology

One barrier for getting kids into Schoology was the reset of Google passwords. Now that TD is online, we can reset student passwords if needed. That means Schoology is now open for business, too! Schoology can be accessed via their mobile app or through http://goochland.schoology.com. We only recommend using this new tool with students if you’re daring and bold. We will be advertising training sessions next week on this new tool.

Again, if you encounter any anomalies, please let your technology coach know!