Blue Sky

This story, from India describes a new tablet device that the government is hoping transforms education. 95% of Indians do not have access to a computing device. And this new 7-inch tablet (around the size of an iPad Mini) is being manufactured, en masse, for university professors and college students. Next, it will go to all school-age children.

Did you know that in India, the curriculum materials are open-source? That way, the only cost associated with textbooks is printing.

The government hopes to use this printing money (around $13 per student) to pay for the tablets.

I should mention the shocker, if you haven’t already read the article… the tablet is expected to cost the government $20 each.

Fascinating story, really, and fascinating look into India. In the recent political debates, we only seemed to focus on China. Did we forget that India, too, is on the rise?