The Art of Sharing

I’m a believer in education about sharing. A lot of what I do involves creating new “stuff”–like the G21 framework, handout guides, presentations, etc.

Dan Meyer, a math teacher from California, has published his own curriculum materials for algebra and geometry. Since he’s a Mac user, they’re available in a variety of formats, including Keynote.

I have to applaud the spirit behind teachers sharing their sweat and time with others. I have never taught math, but just looking over Dan’s materials, I know I would have found a resource like this invaluable in any subject area, either to use as is, or more likely, to inspire my own ideas or twists.

So, if you’re a secondary math teacher, check Dan’s stuff out. If you’re not a math teacher, but create a lot of your own content, consider sharing it. Sharing is a two-way street!