Scratch at MIT 2012

Right now I’m listening about the STEM initiatives at Ramapo Schools in New York. For the third grade, all students are engaged with Scratch projects as part of their computational thinking unit. They see Scratch being used as a STEM development tool and have used the MIT Scratch curriculum guide. Based upon a creative computing perspective, they focus on being iterative and incremental, reusing and remixing, abstracting and modularizing, and testing and debugging. They also use a engineering design process.

Bea and I are attending and the following video summarizes some of our experiences at this year’s conference.

Scratch at MIT 2012 from John Hendron on Vimeo.

We had the opportunity to present on Friday to a group of educators from Texas and Virginia. We shared our own Scratch resources created last year for training and use with students.

Students from Ramapo are now sharing their projects on the stage here at the Media Lab. I believe all of our third and fourth graders could engage in computational thinking too. I’m looking forward to bringing these types of experiences to students in Goochland!