A Game to Teach

When I recently visited Byrd, I met with a student who has been working on his GRIP project using Scratch.

Scratch Game

I was amazed by the complexity of his game, which combines a story line with 13 levels, inviting players to recall their multiplication facts. I had worked with this student earlier in the year, introducing him to the concept of an array, which in Scratch, is called a list. He used lists to create his questions and check them to see if they were right.

On one hand, I was so impressed with what this student was able to do working mostly independently. The other, was his tale of putting his game on every iMac in the lab, and inviting all third graders to come in and play his game. “Only 1 student made it to level 13…” He reported that most students liked his game. “How did it make you feel to see all your classmates playing your game?”

He paused.

“It felt pretty good, I guess.”

We hope to feature his game soon after spring break on the BES website.