Is BYOD an ethical idea?

Dr. Gary Stager questions the ethical side of BYOD in schools. Reaction to his article hasn’t been all popular.

The biggest downside I see is how teachers manage the disparity between devices, and if in fact, learning has to be reduced to a common, lowest denominator based on the simplest device.

I think Stager is upset with “smartphones” because they don’t match the ideal computing model espoused by Papert, his mentor. I have my own mixed feelings, and I do see the real value in offering rich computing experiences (which is something different than a device that can look up facts on the Internet, or be used to write).

I do believe as we move forward the divide between what Stager idealizes and what “mobile devices can provide” will continue to shrink.

I hope this article provides reflection as we consider the reality and feasibility of BYOD in our schools. I welcome your input!

(Unlike one poster to Stager’s article, I loved the vintage devices! So many of them brought back childhood memories.)