Utilizing the Khan Academy as a Teacher with Students

Video tutorials are not everyone’s idea of the ideal learning asset. The idea of reducing education to a bunch of embedded online videos really did not sit well with a lot of educators as the Khan Academy began to be used in America’s schools. Yet, I am a fan of the site and resource. And it’s not because of the videos.

They offer a nice management dashboard and they are trying some truly interactive, interesting ways to engage the learner beyond video watching. What some teachers may not know is:

  • What’s available? and
  • Is there a management tool for me?

This guide does a good job of detailing how a teacher can create a coach role and let students become monitored by the teacher. As students progress through activities and develop points within the system, it’s all tracked. This would help facilitate time spent within Khan on a routine basis, if the teacher set the expectation for “10 minutes of Khan a week” or “1000 points a month.”

And for those not sure what’s there beyond math, here’s a catalog of their subjects covered by volunteers and resource partners. For parents, they too can become a coach, and monitor their student’s progress. We recommend students use their Goochland Google account to connect to the service.